Plug-ins are the key features in our workflow builder to help you automate your tasks. Here's a list of plug-ins that are currently available in Forma.

Do check out the links if you need a step-by-step guide on how to use each of them.

  • Fork

Branch out your workflow into multiple, separate paths using forks.

Send automatic alerts to users for notifications or reminders.

Route requests to specific personnel for approval. Currently, each approval plug-in can hold up to 2 approvers. But if you need more approvers, follow this guide on how.

Send customised calendar invites to confirm and remind users about a booking.

Create and customise e-documents to endorse processes.

Trigger activities when pre-defined set of conditions are met

Trigger activities based on the profile attributes of Forma users

Add records into your database automatically

Update records in your database based on conditions

  • Duration

Set a time interval between tasks

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