Whenever users submit a form, the Add Database plug-in allows you to record their responses into a database automatically.

You can choose to record all or selected responses from form submitters.

1. Double-click Add Database plugin & select your database

In the pop-up, the first dropdown requires you to select the database for storing your form responses.

Note: The list of databases in the dropdown comes from the databases that you've created under Databases. In this example, we'd like to have a database to record expense claims. Therefore, the "Expense Reimbursement Database" was created.

2. Match form fields with database fields

Next, you'll need to configure which form fields to be recorded as which database fields.

The first dropdown requires you to choose your form field. As you can see below:

  • "Name", "Department", "Claim Amount" and "Claim Receipt" are all fields that we've created in our expense reimbursement form (refer to form image in step 3).

  • "Submitter Name" and "Submitter Email" are present by default. They refer to the name and email address of an employee's Forma profile.

The second dropdown requires you to choose your database field. Similar to form field, database fields come from the fields that you've included in your database.

You'll need to match specific form fields to database fields as shown:

3. Publish workflow and test it

After publishing your workflow, here's how the outcome should be like.

  • Form Submission:

  • Database Record:

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