Conditions are if-this-then-that rules determining which path a workflow should take. Often, workflows with conditions will come with multiple pathways.

Here's an example of an expense reimbursement workflow which uses the Conditions plug-in.

1. Double-click Notification plugin & set condition

You will see this popup for you to set conditions.

In the first dropdown, you are to select a form field from your form. In other words, these options can only come from existing fields in your form.

You can then set your condition as such:

2. Connect Conditions plugin correctly

The right purple connector stands for "true"; the left purple connector stands for "false".

In this scenario, where claims amount more than $1,000 is true, the request will be sent to 2 approvers. Where claims amount more than $1,000 is false, the request is routed to 1 approver.

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