The calendar invite plug-in allows you to send calendar invite emails to relevant stakeholders.

Recipients will be informed of the date, time and venue. The event will also be recorded in their own calendar system, which will help them to remember their bookings.

1. Make sure you included Calendar Booking in your form

The calendar invite plug-in only works if you have an existing calendar booking form field in your forms.

2. Double-click Calendar Invite plugin & indicate email recipient

In your workflow builder, choose the Send Calendar Invite plug-in and connect it from the User submits form plug-in.

Then, indicate the email recipient. Many cases, you'll see 2 choices:

  • Submitter Email — Present by default. This is the email address that your employees use for their Forma account. It usually applies to employees in your organisation.

  • Email — Email address submitted via the email form field in a form. In other words, you need to include the email field in your form for this option to appear.

Tip: Should I use Submitter Email or Email as the recipient email address?

  • Use Submitter Email if this process is meant for internal employees

  • Use Email if this process is meant for external users (e.g. customers, clients).

3. Fill In Invite Details

Where applicable, fill in the details for event name, event date and event location.

These will be filled in based on placeholders. Meaning, the event name/date/location sent to recipients will be based on their responses in the form. In the example below, we're matching:

  • Event Name with Appointment Type form field

  • Event Date with Calendar Booking form field (by default)

  • Event Location with Appointment Venue form field

Tip: For Event Date, we recommend that you use [From]Appointment Date & Time for both Start and End if customers are booking single slots for your appointment — e.g. 30 June, 10am-10.30am.

If you have additional details that you'd like to inform the email recipients, you can note it down under Other Information.

4. Publish Workflow And Test It

After publishing your workflow, try submitting your appointment form. Here's an example of the email invite that you'd receive:

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