Step 1: Set up a new form

  • Go to Processes

  • Under Current Processes - Click “Create New”

  • A new form will open

Step 2: Update Process Details

  • Key in the process name

  • Click “Save & Continue”

Step 3: Edit or Format the form fields ​on Form Builder

  • Choose the required fields (example: Text; Email; Number and etc) ​

  • Click on the “Gear” button ​

  • Edit the information (example: Field Label; Dropdown Options and etc)

  • Click on the Advanced tab on the properties panel for the Conditions Settings - you can choose to show or hide the fields based on the conditions set

  • Make sure to check the box “Enable public access” for forms created for the public and when public URL are needed​

  • Click on “Design workflow”

In this example, the calendar booking field will only be shown if “Yes” is submitted for the field “Do you want to meet our Sales Executive” or else it will be a hidden field

Note: You can add as many fields as you require, drag and drop to rearrange their order.

Step 4: Design Workflow (Optional)

Please refer to the following video link: How to create a simple form with notification | Forma Help Center ( on how to add a Notification plugin to your form

Click on “Publish Changes” after adding a plugin or if you do not wish to add any plugin and your form is ready for submission.

Step 5: Grab the public URL and share

Step 6: Submit an entry

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