Scenario: To compile all employees claims amount to one database

Step 1: Create a database for all employees

Refer to the link on “How to create a simple database”

Note: We will be using this simple database - Employees Claim Information and the Employee “Henry” as an example for this scenario

Step 2: Set up a new form

  • Go to Processes

  • Under Current Processes - Click “Create New”

  • A new form will open

Step 3: Update Process Details

  • Key in the process name

  • For internal company Processes - Choose the user(s) who will be using the form

  • Click “Save & Continue”

Step 4: Edit or Format the form fields ​on Form Builder

  • Choose the required fields (example: Text; Email; Number and etc) ​

  • Click on the “Gear” button ​

  • Edit the information (example: Label Name; Dropdown Options and etc) ​

  • Click on “Design workflow”

Step 5: Add Update Database Plugin to the Workflow ​

  • Click on “Add Plugins” ​

  • Click on “Use” button under Update Database ​

  • Drag the node on the “User Submits Form” box to the node on the “Update Database” box ​

Step 6: Insert Update Database plugin details ​

  • Double click on Update Database box to edit the details and click “Save”

Note: For this case, we want to add Henry’s new claim amount to the database

Step 7: Publish Changes

Your form is ready for submission

Step 8: Employee submit a form entry

Note: For this case - Henry submit a new claim of $50 for his transport

Step 9: Database "Employees Claim Information" automatically got updated

Note: For this case - Henry’s claim amount of $100 increase to $150 after his claim submission on the form processes

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