Step 1: Set up a new form

  • Go to Processes

  • Under Current Processes - Click “Create New”

  • A new form will open

Step 2: Update Process Details

  • Key in the process name

  • For Internal Processes - Choose the user(s) who will be using the form

  • Click “Save & Continue”

Step 3: Edit or Format the form fields

  • Choose the required fields (example: Text; Email; Number and etc)

  • Click on the “Gear” button

  • Edit the information (example: Label Name; Dropdown Options and etc)

  • Click on “Design workflow”

Step 4: Edit Workflow

  • Click on “Add Plugins”

  • Click on “Use” button under Approval

  • Drag the node on the “User Submits Form” box to the node on the “Approval” box

  • Double click on Approval box to edit the details and click “Save”

  • Click “Publish Changes”

Step 5: Send your form for people to fill out

When you are ready, you can send your form to others and collect their responses.

Step 6: Form submission received

The approval party will receive an email notification to approve/reject the entry.

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