Plugins are what we like to call the "lego blocks" of the features and modules behind all the softwares or tools that companies are subscribing to, but in different skins and colours.

Our vision at Forma is to break all these into various building blocks (Plugins) and empower even non-technical individual, regardless of the role/function they are in, to be able to build any business process they need to simplify and streamline their work and boost the overall company productivity

A quick introduction of the various plugins we have currently

  1. Duration - Input minutes/hours/days as checkpoint before it flows to the next plugins. Best used with notifications plugin. We excluded "Years" from this plugin, for obvious reason πŸ˜›

  2. Fork - This allows you to branch out your workflow to limitless plugins as you like. Currently we set the default as 10 max for ease of visuals. Best used with conditions plugin. (Not the same as this🍴)

  3. Conditions - Input any types of checks for you to route your process to the right branch of the workflow . Best used with Fork plugin. This is a early state of our conditions plugins. Think of it as "Level 1 of Level 10". More power-ups coming up for our conditions plugin. 😎

  4. Notifications - What else is needed to say for this. It allows you to send notifications easily base on your workflow. Currently limited to email for now. Slack notifications coming real soon. Just feedback to us at our live chat if you want more options for this ✌️

  5. Approval - Instead of using multiple plugins to create an approval workflow, just use our in-built approval plugin. This allows you to mimic a two layer approval process in a company. Potential use cases are E-Leave, Expense claims, approval of proposals/projects. πŸ“ƒ

  6. Update - Allows your form to interact (edit/amend/add/minus) with the various databases you created within Forma (aka - Miniature Google Sheet with). Currently, this plugin is work in progress. Upgrades coming up real soon~

We are just scratching the surface of what we want to build for Forma. More and more things we are looking to build in the near future.

Do continue supporting us by checking out Form and giving us feedback.

Thank you!

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